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Are you an enthusiastic diver?

Are you an enthusiastic diver? Or a new bee trying to give snorkeling a go only with the perfect diving spot? As beginners of snorkeling we have all had the dilemma of choosing the best spot to make the experience worthwhile. If you have a great idea on Snorkeling and what to expect, you might want to put an encounter with a Whale Shark on your bucket list because Maamigili is THE island known for the infamous Whale Sharks and you’re about to hit the jackpot!


Now, as you are aware, La Cabana Maldives is a guest house in Maamigili — an island of exquisite beauty— located in the Alifu Dhaal Atoll, and is giving you an opportunity to dive with Whale Sharks! Amazing isn’t it? If you’re already interested, here’s some facts about MAAMIGILI BEYRU, the most sought after diving spots of the country and a hub of whale sharks that will give you the chills. In a good way, of course!


Our treasured point, Maamigili Beyru, is home to docile Whale Sharks and a garden of untapped beauty, situated just south of Maamigili Island airport on the Southside reef of South Ari Atoll. The reef starts at 4-12m with a plateau covered in corals, and slopes down to 35m on a sandy bottom.


One of the best reasons to choose Maamigili Beyru is that the reef is accessible all year long, even though visibility there depends on the season and tide. It is exposed to a lengthy flow, especially during the southwest monsoon, that creates visible erosion.


Maamingili Beyru is famous for encountering whale sharks and there’s a long list of success stories. If you are looking for whale sharks, snorkeling is the best option as it allows a longer observation time than diving. Snorkelers are advised to use an SMB and beware of the boats that do not always respect the speed limitation.


Most guests at La Cabana are enthralled by the idea of Whale Sharks and they are strict on their bucket list of touching or taking a snapshot of one of those beauties. Our staff would try their best in taking you to the right destination and guiding you to get the best of the experience.


If you are looking for whale sharks, you should stay on the edge between the top reef and the slope at around 15 meters, and look around yourself for a darker shape. Divers usually spot several whale sharks during their dive. Descending along the reef will allow you to encounter stingrays, eagle rays, mobulas, leopard sharks and whitetip sharks.


La Cabana Maldives also encourages you to indulge in your own adventures with the right safety measures. We also advise guests to take care of the natural environment as the only way to sustain life under water for prolonged periods of time is to be conscious of the ocean life.


South Ari Atoll is a protected area, which is well known for its very diverse shark population. Your chances for encountering whale sharks there are high, whether snorkeling or diving. The use of an SMB is necessary because of the high boat traffic in the area. You don’t need to follow other snorkelers for a whale shark, your chances of spotting another one are high and the encounter will be more enjoyable. This diving site is accessible for beginners.


So are you beginners ready to take your first dive? Or if you are accustomed to snorkeling are you ready to explore more? Hit us up at La Cabana and we’ll give you an experience you’ll always cherish. Even when you’re underwater!