A Dh Maamigili (Alif Dhaal Atoll) – Get a better feel of the local islands


Maamigili is the largest and most populous island of Alif Dhaal Atoll which border the South Ari Marine Protected Area (MPA). Unlike all other islands in this Atoll, it is naturally round in shape, owing to its position on one of the edge and widest channels in the Marine Protection Area.

The main area of habitation is toward the eastern half of the island. A deep water access harbour leads toward the enormous main street, which runs east to west straight through the heart of the island. The street is full of different kind of shop at first, with the tourist souvenir shops dominating the eastern end. Toward the western end of the street is a beautiful mosque, the medical centre, school and the Local Island Council Office.

Maamigili islanders are generally known for their hospitality and welcoming nature. Local Island Tourism Law of 2009, of the Government of Maldives, prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol in tourist accommodations built on local islands. Generally, drinks are served on tourist resorts nearby and Whaleshark Maamigili offers a wide variety of resort excursions for all budgets.



It’s time to celebrate Eid at Lacabana Maldives, Adh.Maamigili. “BODU EID DHATHURU”